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Himanshu Roy

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Here’s Why Trailer Of Pink Is Disturbing To Watch

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  •  August 10, 2016


“Tell me, are you a virgin?” 

“What clear indications did you give at the time that ‘right now I’m not interested in sex’?”

If you are taken aback by such questions then imagine, what the women, on whom they are being lobbed at a jam-packed courtroom would be feeling. The new trailer of Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsee Pannu starrer Pink is an eye opener of sorts when it comes to the judicial system.

Pink exposes the murky side of the judiciary and how it is used to benefit those who assault women by the age-old weapon of questioning the character of a woman.

At times very disturbing, the trailer dissects the different ways through which the character of a woman is assassinated just to shield the accused.

The movie revolves around three women who take on the world after they decide not to be silent and file a court case against the men who assaulted them. What follows is a series of deception, lies, and violence, as their attackers have guns blazing against them.

They are being scrutinised and harassed by the lawyers and the judicial system who keep asking them such extreme questions that they are either forced to take back the case or suffer even more than during the assault.

The one question that the women are asked again and again is that whether they had asked for money in exchange for sex. To prove their points, the lawyers try to highlight numerous inconsequential details such as whether the women are virgins or what their immediate reaction was.

It is yet to be seen that what Bachchan’s character is all about in the film. But as of now, he seems to be playing a ruthless lawyer hell bent on assassinating the character of the women. I got an inkling that Pink will be a milestone in Bollywood by showing the world the different ways of the judiciary through which it denies justice to women.

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