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Himanshu Roy

JWB Blogger

Here’s Why We Aren’t Happy To See An ‘Extra Fair’ Pooja Hegde in Mohenjodaro

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  •  August 9, 2016


Now, I won’t delve into the fact that Ashutosh Gowarikar has committed some serious crimes against history while filming his magnum opus Mohenjodaro.

Right from the costumes to the plot to getting numerous historical facts wrong, Gowarikar has shown that you don’t need any historical knowledge to make a historical epic film.

Anyhoo, all that is okay with me and I could still give the film the benefit of doubt, but what on earth is with the extra fair Pooja Hegde in the film!?

Anyone who paid attention in the history class back in the 7th standard would understand that people from the Harappan civilization had dusky skin tones at best (if not darker) since they were not Caucasians, but Gowarikar’s heroine has a pearl-white complexion.

Surely it would have been understandable if Pooja Hegde had been naturally fair and the director didn’t want to mess with her looks (given the fact that his makeup team has done a horrible job trying to tan an already fair Hrithik Roshan).

But here’s the catch. Pooja Hegde has a naturally dusky complexion and would have been perfect in the role of a dusky beauty from Mohenjodaro.

But that wasn’t enough for Gowarikar. It is indeed disappointing to think that a director who has made sensible and great films such as Lagaan and Swades would fall for the age-old fairness fixation.

It is sad to see that how this mentality of thinking that a princess should always be fair and lovely has invaded the minds of some of the best directors, and even for all the actresses who speak about gender equality and body shaming, it is perfectly natural to give in to the demands of the director to make them look extra fair.

Given the fact that both Hrithik and Pooja would have looked better in their roles with their natural complexion, it is indeed a pity that Bollywood has no intention to rise above the age-old stereotypes about complexion and fairness.

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