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Saloni Jain

JWB Intern

i-Parent: Read How Akanksha Helps Mom To Become Insta-Cool

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  •  June 1, 2016


Commemorating Global Day of Parents, June 1, JWB planned a fun campaign with city’s kids and their parents.

In our school days, whenever we had a problem with our homework, we would go to our parents to find the solution. Psst, now that our parents have troubles handling high-tech gadgets, we thought it’s our ‘duty’ to give them a lesson or two!

We named the campaign iParent. Read how Akanksha Gupta dealt with her student-mom, Meenu.

We found out that Mrs. Gupta isn’t new at using technology. Akanksha took her mommy to the next level by teaching her how to use the GPS, create an Instagram account, and order lifestyle products online.

“Akanksha has always been a sincere student during her childhood,” Mrs. Gupta told.

“Like mother, like daughter,” added the daughter.

Akanksha was calmly explaining everything to her mom. It was fun watching the mommy successfully navigate to her house from her favorite shopping mall using the app!


We’re particularly excited about the Instagram-class. Uploading pictures are fun, after all! Before the daughter could start, the mommy quipped, “Do we have all the yesteryear’s actors on Instagram?”

Later, Akanksha explained how one can ‘double-tap’ pictures liked by them. Of course, Mrs. Gupta was stunned seeing a big heart popping on the screen.

While she was using Instagram, her WhatsApp was also beeping.

Akanksha pretended to be angry, “Mom! Be serious. I won’t repeat the steps again.”

After the fun class, Akanksha took up the most challenging chapter. Almost every parent dreads ordering things online. *What if they take your money and close down the website and never deliver the product to you?*

After a lot of persuasion, Mrs. Gupta logged on to Flipkart. The duo enjoyed the session while choosing from various colors, sizes, and brands options that were available on the website. The experienced daughter made sure the mommy wasn’t ordering anything without the warranty.


Mrs. Gupta joked, “I can’t believe I was missing out on so much fun! Akanksha, from now onwards, be my shopping buddy. Virtual one, of course.”


The class got over with some beautiful memories. Selfies being one.


BTW, this picture immediately went online. Mrs. Gupta had uploaded it on her Instagram account. Go, check out!



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