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Drishti Bodhraj Premprakashi

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If She’s ‘Too Pretty To Wrestle’, Then You’re ‘Too Stupid To Make That Comment’

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  •  July 8, 2016


Olympic Athlete, Adeline Gray told ESPN about how she’s been told that she’s ‘too pretty to wrestle’. Where the hell did that come from? What does being pretty have to do with physical strength? Three-time world champion wrestler, Gray prefers that people focus on her accomplishments rather than gender.

People expect a woman wrestler to look very masculine and butch or as Adeline said, a “Helga type of woman,” who’s “obese and going out there on the mat to try to smash people’s heads.”

“You are allowed to be a female and be considered beautiful and still be an athlete and still be badass in that realm.”

Adeline Gray

Adeline is absolutely right! You can’t judge what people can or cannot do on the basis of their beauty. Gender-based prejudice still exists. This kind of attitude holds girls from being police officers, or joining the army or becoming athletes. Do we find women telling men that they’re “too handsome to work?”

All Gray hopes is to be an inspiration to girls who want to get into wrestling.

“I want to impart some dreams to young girls who haven’t had opportunities in the past. Boys really have a leg up on us because they have these professional leagues that they can dream about,” she said. “So if I can be like Serena Williams or like some of these main stars out there who are being iconic and groundbreaking and are role models for this next generation, it would be an honor and a blessing.”

What is femininity about? It’s time we define feminine beauty. To me, femininity is all about embracing yourself, being confident and being aware of yourself and your capabilities. It’s high time we know that there’s more to women than just having almond shaped eyes and high rising cheekbones.

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