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Komal Panwar


Could The Issue Of Wage Gap Be Coming To An End?

  • JWB Post
  •  September 30, 2016


You know Taylor Swift, right? Of course, we’ve all gone through the “We were both young when i first saw you” phase. *wink* 

Okay, now Taylor Swift earns a lot and LOT of money. In the past one year, she’s crossed $170 million.

In the Forbes’ list of 100 highest paid celebrities, she took the top spot. Do you think the wage gap could be coming to an end? No more women get less money and men get more?

According to the NBC News poll, over 50% men believe that society has reached the point when men and women have equal opportunities for achievement.

Turns out Taylor Swift is an exception, and there’s still a long way for us to reach that point.

HuffPost analyzed this and said, ” The data reveals that many people still seem to believe that women getting paid less for the same work as men is a thing of the past. We can say with complete certainty, it’s not. So next time you hear Taylor Swift on the radio, don’t just shake it off. Her success is inspirational but a big societal gap still exists between the genders when it comes to contribution and compensation.”

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