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Himanshu Roy

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It Takes Little Effort For Parents To Be Good Dads & Shitty Moms

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  •  August 8, 2016


So what does it take to be a good dad and a shitty mom? If you are a bit confused by this question, then you gotta watch the video of seven-month pregnant Ali Wong, explaining this to the audience, leaving them in splits.

Filmed for Netflix, Wong who is a comedian explains that how there are different parameters for judging men and women when it comes to parenting.

“It takes so little to be considered a great dad and it also takes so little to be considered a shitty mom,” told Wong.

She cited an example of the time when her husband accompanies her to the hospital for check-ups.

Wong says that people often can’t stop raving about her husband over the fact that he comes with her during the check-ups.

“Well, someone should notice that I am the star of the show and my husband just plays Candy Crush while blood is being drawn for me!” said Wong, leaving the audience guffawing.

Although her words were funny, they carried a gravity which can’t be ignored. It is indeed true that people resort to double standards when it comes to parents.

If even for one day, a man prepared the tiffin for his children then he is considered to be a great dad but at the same time, we ignore the fact that a mother does that same chore every day without getting acknowledged for her work.

The reason behind this is the deep-rooted belief that women are automatically supposed to take care of all the household chores and if men occasionally help them then we ought to thank them for their large-heartedness.

Wong, who since the performance has welcomed a daughter, gives another perfect example of hypocrisy. She says that often people ask her during comic performances that what she is doing there since she just had a baby.

But at the same time, no one asks this question to her husband when he goes to work.

Does it sound fair to you?

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