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Jaipur’s Vanshika Sapra Shows 3 Breezy Ways To Style Your Denim

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  •  September 7, 2016


Giorgio Armani once said: “Beauty, to me, is being comfortable in your own skin.”

Well said.

Sometimes, you are faced with that faux and transient realization that you have no clothes even though your closet is probably filled with them to the brim.

“What should I wear to this get together with friends? I don’t want my outfit to be either too dressy or too simple.”

So, Vanshika Sapra, a 17-year-old senior at MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur, is here to show that denim, when paired with a bit of imagination, can look spectacular in the summers.

Some would say that the trend of denim is fading out. However, Vanshika believes that any fashion trend can be resurrected if done right in a fresh fashion.

Who knew pairing a denim shirt with printed palazzos and grey loafers would make such an amazing outfit? Vanshika also wore sunglasses that added confidence to the outfit.

“Watching fashion shows and beauty bloggers on social networking sites is like a ritual for me.”

Her next look reminded me of a clear blue sky! Pardon me for being overly poetic but this splendid ensemble constituted a denim shirt with glittery sequences on the collar and a long denim skirt that stopped below the knees. Those black snappy stilettos sealed the deal and before we knew it, Vanshika looked like a star ready to win the crowds.

Contouring and highlighting are so important. You must remember not to look like you put layers and layers of makeup unnecessarily. My mother gives me all the inspiration I need when it comes to fashion. To me, she is a diva. Her sense of fashion is impeccable, and I learn so much from her.”

Her third outfit was that of a diligent college girl’s ready to work on that damn essay. She wore a trench coat and some comfortable jeans. The stars of this outfit were her slip on glittery shoes.

The mere fact that her trench coat looks creased adds to the beauty and authenticity of the outfit as well. It exhibits how carelessness is more of a virtue than a vice when assembling a casual dress for the day.

She wore Geek glasses and paraded around with a laptop in her hand. It set the perfect vibe of an outfit that is neither too much nor too less.

“I don’t want the trend of wearing turtlenecks to become obsolete. Also, that one fashion trend I despise is a top with black slacks. Seriously. Get over it.”

Aye, Aye Captain!

Tell us in the comments what denim experiment is your next?

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