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JWB Burns The Floor With Sawan Dutta, A.K.A The Woman Who Sang About Macher Jhol

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  •  October 1, 2016


People make songs about everything these days. But have you ever heard of a musical recipe? Lately, a song vlog for the musical recipe of Macher Jhol had been trending over the internet.

posted the video of her singing about the classic and super easy recipe of Macher Jhol on her YouTube channel . She “writes and sings about anything and everything” on her channel.

I could feel my mouth watering at the recipe video until my brain reminded me that I’m a vegetarian.

Well, now, the woman has conquered the internet, yet again! She is teaching the world how to make ‘shukto’, another Bengali dish.

As she says:

“Is there anything as nice, as shukto with rice.

On a beautiful day…”

Watch the video below:

I contacted Sawan because I was so damn curious to know about her! Since she was travelling, we had a quick chat over Facebook messenger. And honestly, I was very very impressed by her sense of humor.

You know what’s cool? She also composed the music for Kaun Banega Crorepati and its South Indian version.

She also happens to be a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and works at Gryffindor, lol. This what her Facebook Education profile reads, and we believe it.

What inspired you to sing the recipe?

Hmm. The fact that it’s not been done before, as far as I know.

Do you sing in the kitchen?

Sometimes :-D. Especially when burning potatoes 😀

What do you mostly do while you’re singing?

Sit, mostly. Unless I’m standing.

What’s one song vlog we can expect?

Expect the unexpected 😀

One recipe we should look forward to?

Boiled rice? 😀 

In my case, it would be rotis in the shape of Africa lol.

What’s the craziest yet boldest thing you’ve done with your vlogs?

Dancing with a donkey for my first song on my song vlog.

TBH, the only donkey I could mentally picture, was the one from Shrek.

What is one song that describes you?

Smelly Cat by Phoebe Buffay from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

What are they feeding you?

Music Director. Vocalist. Do you consider yourself a full-time vlogger, as well?

No, only part time 😀

Tell us about the ritual you use to compose music.

It varies from song to song. But on average, I write the lyrics and the melody; I play around with chord structures on my piano. I flesh out the tracks in Logic 9, I sing and record myself; I mix the tracks down inside Logic 9. Then, I check the mix on different speakers and in different settings. I review everything ten times, make necessary corrections till I’m satisfied.

Are you the one friend that everyone forces to sing at public gatherings?

I avoid public gatherings. 😀

I remember my parents going, “Beta sing that song for uncle-aunty” every time a guest would come home.

What food sounds musical to you?

Drumsticks? 😀

And what is one weird thing that you’ve used as a musical instrument?

Drumsticks? 😀

What’s your favourite bathroom song?

Waterloo by Abba

Was that a pun? Water and Loo! Noo!

Who is your musical inspiration?

It varies with time and with every song.

Have you used references from your family in a song?

Well, the Maccher Jhol Recipe was given to me by my Thakuma (grandma)

What song is your ringtone?

Never used a ringtone in my life. I like a ringing phone to sound like a good old fashioned ringing phone 😀

What mood makes you want to sing?

Different moods, different songs 😀 

A number of smileys Sawan used made me smile with every response. The smile on my face lasted for more than an hour. I think my jaw still hurts, lol.

I know, now I’ll be stalking her YouTube channel from time to time for more.

You can watch her vlogs .

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