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Jayati Godhawat

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JWB Finds Out How Yashasvi Shekhawat Manages 3 Businesses!

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  •  June 14, 2016


Meet Yashasvi Shekhawat, a mother of two kids who is managing three businesses simultaneously.

She helps her husband in their family business of Advertising, handles a home furnishings manufacturing unit, and is the budding restaurateur of the town.


When Sanchit and I went to her restaurant  believe me, we thought we were in Europe. The ambience reminded us of the European Countryside and the small houses there.


Walls were bedecked with Victorian paintings and warm light from the chandeliers added to the feel of the place.


It turned out, Yashasvi was the sole mind behind the interiors. She explained,

“I don’t have a degree in designing. However, I gained a lot of knowledge about interiors while helping in my family business. Three years back, we had set up an interior manufacturing unit. Also, we are into advertising and printing, etc.”


She added, “It was my brother’s idea to open an Italian restaurant, and when he discussed it with me, I was thrilled. He also suggested to hire an Interior Designer, but, I vetoed it and said, ‘that’s my territory.’” *laughed*

While there’s a little Europe on the ground level, Yashasvi has managed the Jaipur-ish feel on the roof top.


The menu is extensive and serves a wide variety of dishes from Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, and Indian cuisine.

Yashasvi and her brother wanted to keep the authentic Italian food, however, after many rounds of tasting panels and the market research they decided to give the food a desi touch.

“M.I. Road is the busiest road in the town, and we wanted to cater not only to the foreigners but, to the locals as well. So, we settled on blending the flavor to appeal to the local customers.”

Me: So, what’s your favorite cuisine?

Yashasvi: See, the love of Italian runs in our family. While I love the sizzlers, my kids are crazy fans of pasta and pizza. Also, I like the ‘desi’ Chinese for its spiciness.

She added, “We kept multiple cuisines in our menu to cater to the different choices in the family. Like, I might want to eat Chinese, but, my husband would prefer Indian. There are many things for everyone here.”

The restaurant has gained much recognition and appreciation in the short span of one and the half years. Yashasvi credits her success to her family, husband, and her kids.


“When I got married, my father-in-law was the one who motivated me to handle our advertising business. And, my mother-in-law, too, has been very supportive throughout. She manages the kids when I am working. ”

Certainly, a mother-in-law is the backbone of a married working woman!


Me: How do you manage your time between so many things?

Yashasvi: I delegate things to my staff. When I went into Advertising, I was very focused and learnt everything. However, after I got the knack for it, now I get things done from my team on the go. Same goes for The Townhouse. Initially, I was completely involved, but, now I just administer and monitor things.

“I feel, it’s very important for every woman to understand that you cannot micro-manage everything. Stay with your priorities and let your team take care of other things.”

Then, I asked, “Advertising, interior design, and The Townhouse! Next is what?”

She smiled and said, “I have never planned things. I always took up what came my way. Though my next step will be to open a retail store for home accessories and interiors, I am in a very satisfied space right now. “

And in the end, this happened!


The smoky aroma of the Italian Sizzler made us drool. Sanchit, hurriedly, kept his camera aside, and we gorged on the lip-smacking creamy risotto, saute vegetables, corn cheese balls, and my favorite Aglio-olio spaghetti. *nom nom*

And, Sanchit swore that he got high on the cold coffee. *slurp*



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