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Avantika Singhal

JWB Contributor

Post Jaipur’s First Poetry Slam, Vriddhi Plans To Have A Comedy Night, Soon!

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  •  June 13, 2016


Ambition is a powerful desire that takes hold of you and shackles you in its clutches until you attain your goal.

On 11th June, a girl rose with ambition, an ambition so unique and spectacular that it left Jaipurites stunned and in awe of her initiatives.

Vriddhi Sawlani was the initiator of a fantastic venture, Turquoise Frames, and this led her to organize the first ever Poetry Slam of Jaipur.

I was also one of the participants and can say without a doubt that the event was a comfortable and entertaining one. Even the rain could not deter Vriddhi’s spirits.

After my performance and everyone else’s, I practically demanded an interview from this girl. What can I say? Her initiative moves me for poetry runs in my blood (I’d like to think that)

Here’s what this vivacious gal with the intrepid voice has to say-

How did you come up with the brilliant idea of hosting a poetry slam?

I am an avid photographer, and I like blogging on Instagram. Obviously, I follow a lot of people from cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, and they keep hosting events like these. So I thought to myself-“Why can’t my city have an event like this one?’ And bam! I urgently wanted to give people a platform like this one, and thus, this event was born. I am an artist myself. I like painting, writing and I am a pianist as well. And only an artist can understand what brews in the minds of other artists.

Who is your favorite poet? I have multiple favorite poets. Do you too?

Oh yes! My favorite poet of all time is Walt Whitman. After reading his poetry, I just want him to come alive. I want him to sit beside me while I read his poems. I want to see the joy on his face as I read the lines to his literary creations. Another revered poet in my eyes is an Urdu poet, Rumi. I get chills when I read his work. The world becomes twice as beautiful after reading what he writes.

Are you going to hold similar artists events like these in the future?

Oh yes. In fact, on 26th, we are hosting a Jaipur Comedy Night- a rightful platform for people who find immense happiness in seeing other people laugh. You could give a thousand and one definitions to Art, and I chose to do the same. For me, art could be poetry, painting or even a laughter show. Art is what comes from within. And, Jaipur needs more events like these.

I remember you controlled your artistic tendencies in school and juggled PCM with it. Did you really let you result (it does not matter whether it was good or bad) hinder your thirst for creativity in any way?

I’ll be very honest and tell you that I did not score well. When the result came out, everyone was so apprehensive of their result and what CBSE had in store for them. I was a science student, and it was difficult for me. And, mugging stuff and showing up in tests and penning it all down in one go is not my thing. Art is my thing. I want to keep doing artistic stuff forever. And, I know that I’ll excel in what I love.

What will you study in college?

Mass media. Nevertheless, giving people a stable and trustful platform where they can bare their souls to the chosen audience is not a bad idea. I want to make people happy that way. I want them to perform something on stage and see a glow forming. I want them to hold the mike firmly and see them prosper. And I want to be the reason why they become more confident than they already are. I agree that Jaipur Literature Festival happens annually where eminent personalities come up and embellish the stages and amaze their audience. But what about the general audience? I want to play my part for them.

Any inspirational message for our readers?

Turquoise Frames is like my creative baby; my first ever venture at the age of 17 and its tagline reads- Meet. Learn. Explore. And I want you all to do just that. As an artist, you will meet people, you will learn from them, they will learn from you and in that process, somewhere you will explore-yourself and your boundaries. Do that! Take risks. Have fun!

I am glad I chose to recite a poem of my own that revolved around casting “Mary Janes with doe eyes in all those tawdry horror movies and shows” and contribute to the event.


Vriddhi also collaborated with another equally talented girl, Jyestha Arora with the blog name ‘Chronologically Vivid’. They had come up with creative and funky diaries, and they were on sale.

The Drake Diary stole my heart.

She was also backed up with a team that spread only positive vibes and was constantly supportive of her.

Other than that, this girl is a straight up inspiration, and we wish her the best for her future endeavors.

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