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MGD Girls’ School, The First School To Accept “HONORTILL”

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  •  October 21, 2015


Everyone at school always finds themselves jumping up at the name of food. Rushing to the canteen everyday at brunch, sometimes reluctantly eating lunch after having filled our potbellies with ice creams from the canteen (or our mums would’ve killed us!), are the fondest memories we have about school.

Being an Ex-MGDian, I felt proud of my school for willfully accepting the concept of HONORTILL. For those of you who don’t know, at HONORTILL you’re expected to pay what you owe at the counter, at the shop that is without a shopkeeper.

It was introduced in MGD Girls’ School on October 15, the birth anniversary of former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

So in case, you buy a chocolate worth Rs. 20, you put the money in the box, take the chocolate and leave. It’s somewhat strange and “risky”. But in schools, it definitely instills honesty in children.

Mrs. Mathur, the head warden of MGD Girls’ School told us that initially the tuck shop selling chocolates, stationary, etc. was outdoors but had to be brought in because of a big storm.

JWB – Is it only for school girls, ma’am?

Mrs. Mathur – Yes! Only for school girls, in fact only for boarders as of now. The next time we do it, even the day scholars will be involved.

It was a two day shop, and was experimented with the hostlers. I met Neha, who was in class 11, she talked about her experience. “I had a hundred rupee note, and I wanted to buy a pen, so I picked the pen, and took the change myself.”

Well, she was pretty excited. So one thing’s for sure, the students are loving it!

Gitanjali Hostel where the HONORTILL shop took place

HONORTILL is expected to take place twice a month for two days each.

Jaipur schools, gear up! Maybe, start your own HONORTILL!

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