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Komal Panwar


JWB Met 3 Y.O. Jaipur Girl Molested By Landlord. She Seeks Your Help.

  • JWB Post
  •  July 6, 2016


She was merely three when she was molested.

Has this statement shaken you from within? Has it forced you to think what’s happening to our society? That’s exactly what I felt when I heard of the suffering of a three-year-old.

It was in the Bani Park area of Jaipur where her parents served as caretakers to Lokpal Singh and his family. 56-year-old Lokpal Singh was rarely ever home, and his wife was managing their Paying Guests.

One of the Paying guests started noticing the frequency of Lokpal’s visits back home, and his increasing ‘affection’ towards his ‘house.’

The victim’s parents are simple people. The father rides an auto rickshaw, while the mother cooks food and takes care of the house. The victim’s mother opened up to JWB with her story:

An hour after I had just gotten out of a bath, one of the girls from the PG came up to me and asked me to see what my daughter is doing. I didn’t understand what she meant, so I simply rushed to check on my daughter.

She was pouring water over her vagina. I asked her what happened. She was hurt. She confessed that Lokpal uncle had hurt her.

Lokpal’s wife was well aware of his ways but tried hard to save the ‘izzat’ of her family. Before he attacked the victim, she saw him taking the little girl away with him. She said, “Mr. Isko kahaan le kar ja rahe ho?”

We don’t know what happened when he took her away, but we know that our daughter was molested. She told us! She showed us!

Belonging to a small village near Jaipur, the family didn’t know much. Lokpal’s family took them to a ‘private’ hospital where the doctors were bribed against showing it as an act of molestation. Another hospital refused to accept the case. The victim was finally taken to J.K. Lone Hospital where her swollen vagina and few tests determined that she had been molested.

Fortunately, she has been discharged today! A woman who stays at Lokpal’s PG is supporting the victim’s family, while all the other girls in the PG have backed out. They were threatened that the details of their boyfriends would be imparted to their parents.

Cruel world, right?

Only one woman remained for the victim and has been relentlessly fighting with the caretaker family to get them justice. In the process, she’s been kicked out of the PG, with constant threats from Lokpal’s family.

The victim’s family, after filing an FIR against Lokpal, has been assured that justice shall be served. Even though Lokpal is behind bars right now, the victim’s family fears the threat calls they receive frequently.

They want to escape the cruelty and live away from Jaipur city. They say they want to return to their village where they would maybe earn less but still be safe.

Is it true, though? Are our girls safe anywhere?

The family is struggling with their daughter’s treatment and bearing daily household expenses. They don’t have any jobs anymore. Though, Lokpal’s family promises that if they take their case back, they will be allowed to live in the house and continue working as of nothing had happened.

It’s tragic how many people give in to such offers, but the victim’s family didn’t. They stand strong and ask Jaipur for help.

You can help the family by getting the woman the job of a maid, or a caretaker. They have no place to live now. You could be a way for them to lay the new foundation to their lives.

If you want to light the candle or be a ray of hope in the life of the molested victim, you can send us an email ( ) or give us a call at +919828288876

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