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Jayati Godhawat

JWB Blogger

JWB Recollects The Poems By These Young Minds Which Lifted Our Spirits This Year

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  •  December 21, 2016


Poetry is food for our souls which kindles varied emotions in us, and no soul on the earth is untouched by the beauty and depth of poetry. It’s not only an art but, also one of the most important and powerful forms of literature.

In 2016, JWB rhymed their feelings with what these poets feel. They are making a mark in the world, one poem at a time.

When JWB met ‘The Dissonant Soul’

Aditya Hirawat from Jaipur is channelizing his painful past and present of being perpetually skinny-shamed through poetry. Through his poems, he’s not only slamming body-shamers, but he’s also encouraging body-positivity.

I just hope the seeds get proper nutrition this time. #WordPorn #SpilledInk #PoemsPorn #WritersNetwork #TheDissonantSoul

A photo posted by Aditya Hirawat (@thedissonantsoul) on

Check out the entire conversation here.

When JWB was gripped in Ruhani Fitoor

Two artists, Roopal Jain and Abhijit Kachhap are creating soulful madness through their Urdu and Hindi poems.

Click here to read the full story.

JWB’s Rendezvous with Poet Vinatoli Yeptho

The 22-year-old Vinatoli Yeptho wrote a beautiful poem titled “Five Rules for Whomever It May Concern,” in which she highlighted the issue of racism North Eastern women face because of their looks.

You can read the complete interview here.

When the Introvert Poet Turned Extrovert Just For JWB

Rabia Kapoor, an 18-year-old from Mumbai, wrote an extremely honest poem on being an introvert. This no-bullsh*t, no censor, no filter poem went viral over the internet soon after its release.

Click here to read the full story.

When JWB had a ‘Slip of Tongue’ With Diksha Bijlani

Diksha is a co-founder of the poetry group  and is pursuing Applied Psychology from the University of Delhi. Winner of the National Poetry Slam, Diksha has also been a speaker at TEDxAIIMS where she discussed the topic: Spoken word as a tool for social change, and also performed two poems.

Read the entire interview here.

When JWB Blogger Turned into a Poet

JWB Blogger, Jayati, which is me *batting my eyelashes* loves Piyush Mishra’s poems. Now and then, even I have tried my hand at poetry.

Tears in my eyes,

Love in my heart,

And with big dreams for future,

I  enter into a new life.

It’s a new home in a new city,

And new people gather around me…..”

You can read my poems, ‘New Bride,’ here, and ‘Chained and Caged,’ here.

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