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Kruti Andrade, Tattoo Artist & Mother With Dreadlocks, Adds To JWB’s Definition Of An Indian Woman

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  •  August 25, 2016


They say only freaks, rebels, and bikers get tattooed. Breaking this myth is Kruti Andrade from Mumbai. Except, she is a Biker. The 26-year-old, mother of a two-year-old baby girl, is a Tattoo artist with both her hands covered in inks and few secret tattoos here and there.

Unlike what I expected, a rather soft feminine voice greeted me from the other side of the phone. *stereotypical-glass-breaks*

Read below my conversation with the beautiful Kruti, an amazing tattoo Artist, who’s taking the Western-South coast by storm.

Me: From Gujarat to Mumbai and now Goa. What’s up?

Kruti: I am a Gujarati but have lived in Mumbai all my life. My husband, Kevin is a tattoo Artist as well, and we have recently shifted to Goa to open our joint studio here after Mumbai.

Me: I smell an interesting love story.

Kruti: I was doing a ‘serious’ job in Mumbai. It was at that time I decided to visit Kevin’s studio in the city. I wanted to get a tattoo done. We became friends, fell in love…

Me: …and got badass wedding pictures clicked.

Kruti: That was the idea. Later, he taught me the art of tattooing.

Me: That’s the dream. And boy, do you wear Bob Marley hair?

Kruti: I was always fond of dreadlocks. It’s been five years already. I remember visiting the Dwarka city as a kid and falling in love with a random Baba. Thaks to his hairstyle. That day, I made a vow to myself to grow hair like him.

Me: Do you get stared at?

Kruti: Talk about it. Plus, when I am riding my bike with that hair on and tattooed body, the world around me changes.

Me: At that, I visualize an ‘Angry Husband’!

Kruti: *laughs* When we go out, we often ride our bikes. He prefers to stay behind me to keep a check at the creeps. It’s funny when he gives them that look.

Me: Talking about your tattoos, who inked you?

Kruti: So, Kevin did my right hand. The left hand was tattooed by the famous artist Abhinandan Basu. Apart from these, I have got few other tattoos.

Me: What has been the weirdest design ever done by you?

Kruti: ‘Fuck off and die’. This was surrounded by flowers. And, FYI, it was a girl. I loved doing it, though.

Me: Who do you want to tattoo?

Kruti: Kevin. I never got the chance, and I am desperately waiting for the day.

Kruti is the most unconventional mother I have come across so far. At that, it’s beautiful how her thoughts resonate with the Indian culture. She understands that being modern doesn’t mean delaying one’s marriage and motherhood. She, very well, realizes that a female, when determined, can get through everything even if she’s other responsibilities to shoulder.

According to Kruti, “I love tattooing, travelling, meeting new people. For now, I am taking it slowly because I am doing something equally beautiful. Taking care of my baby is my priority and must remain my focus for now. I am wise and know when my family needs me more than any job in the world.”

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