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JWB Sweet Skyped With PV Sindhu’s 7-Y.O Badminton Buddy, Praanjala

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  •  August 27, 2016


PV Sindhu’s not only won medals but our hearts too. A recent video of her playing with a little girl is going viral over the internet. I kid you not; this little girl will make your hearts melt faster than candle wax.

The adorable munchkin is 7-year-old Praanjala Nisarga. Praanjala and Sindhu’s family are friends. Praanjala has also enrolled into Gopichand’s academy. JWB wrote about little Praanjala and received a beautiful thank you message from her father. We couldn’t stop ourselves from getting to know this beautiful girl.

She is definitely the cutest person I’ve ever interviewed. Anywho, her father Dr. Nisarga and Prateeka joined in while I spoke to Praanjala.

Do you see me smiling?!

How did the passion for the sport develop?

Dr. Nisarga: When we were in Bangalore two years ago, we were playing badminton. We moved to Hyderabad soon, and I noticed that she was a better player than the children of her age, so I enrolled her at Gopichand’s academy in the holidays because it was near our house. After two months of training, she had improved further.

We wanted to put her as a full-time student at the academy, but they didn’t have any vacancy then. I called up Gopichand and his father, and they asked us to wait.

About eight months later, his mother called us up and asked us to get her enrolled. Now she goes regularly. 

What is her training schedule like?

Dr. Nisarga: She comes back from school at 2 and goes to training at 4 to 6. Gladly, it doesn’t clash with school. Next year onwards she has to give more time at the academy. She will have to go there at 5 in the morning. 

Praanjala: Huh? Really? 

Dr. Nisarga: Yes.  

And what about her diet?

Dr. Nisarga: Well, we want her to have a lot of proteins like milk and eggs. Tell her how much milk you drink daily. 

Praanjala: *softly * 2 glasses.


Do you like eggs?

Praanjala: *scrunches her nose and nods a ‘no’*

Who trains her?

Dr. Nisarga: There are many coaches at the academy. Sometimes they train her, sometimes, it is Gopichand himself.

Parents tell their children to pay attention to studies rather than sports. What do you have to say to them?

Dr. Nisarga: Well, it is entirely up to the parents whether they want to let their child grow or make them robots who just go from home to school and back. Parents should realise where their children’s capabilities lie and let them grow accordingly.  

You’ve been friends of PV Sindhu’s family for about a year and a half. Do you have a memory of her that you would like to share with us?

Dr. Nisarga: The last time she came to our house, she took my daughters somewhere. After trying to find her, we saw them at the park clicking selfies. We prepared food for her family at home, and I remember her finishing a big bowl of cherries *laughs *. It is her favourite fruit.

Then we went to their house one day and found so many trophies in her house. I told her, ‘You will need a second house only for your trophies.’

Now to you Praanjala, what was it like when you played with PV Sindhu?

Praanjala: Before Olympics, she came to our house, and we played badminton. I won.

The smol bean smiled so wide. My heart!

Dr. Nisarga: We were a little reluctant to let Sindhu play at first because she was not wearing her sports shoes and we were scared. But she agreed anyway and they played. I had no idea the video would go so viral.

How did your friends react?

Praanjala: They told me they are my fans.


What is your badminton dream?

Praanjala: Olympics.

Tell us about your coach?

Praanjala: They are very nice. They teach me and like me.

What do you do in your free time?

Praanjala: Badminton.

Besides Badminton?

Praanjala: I go outside and play with my sister.

Do you like dolls?

Praanjala: Yes, I play dolls with my sister too.

 What is your favorite subject at school?

Praanjala: Maths. 

Who is your inspiration?

Praanjala: World’s number 1 badminton player, Lee Chong Wei.

What do you love to eat?

Praanjala: *Almost instantly * Ice cream!

What flavor?

Praanjala: Strawberry 

How do you spend your holidays?

Praanjala: We travel sometimes. 

What is the best place you have been to?

Praanjala: Switzerland

What is one of your greatest talents besides badminton?

Praanjala: Colouring

One thing you want to learn to do?

Praanjala: Badminton

So much ambition.

And alongside badminton?

Praanjala: Swimming.

 What makes you happy?

Praanjala: Badminton 

What age do you look forward to – and why?

Praanjala: I have not thought about it yet.

What do you want to say to girls who think that playing sports is difficult?

Praanjala: Girls can play too. 

After the call, she had to run to her coaching. She has so much determination for the sport; I cannot help but gape at her abilities. You have a wonderful future ahead of you, Praanjala.

Lots of love.


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