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Himanshu Roy

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Meet Chris, The First Openly Transgender To Participate In The Olympics

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  •  August 11, 2016


As we all know, preparing for the Olympics is nothing short of a Herculean task and very few have the talent or the tenacity to make the cut.

But imagine what if you are physically born as a woman, but your gender is actually male? How difficult could it be to take on the countless challenges that transgender people face and hold your own before participating in the games.

Such is the story of Chris Mosier; the first openly transgender athlete ever to earn a spot on a US National Team.

A duathlete as well as triathlete competitor, for years, Chris took part in the competitions as a woman. It was after he met his wife in the year 2010 that he started considering gender reassignment.

Six years later, Chris is now a part of the men’s team of Team USA in the national duathlon championship at the Olympics.

The road to Rio was never going to be easy for Chris as along with the rigorous training; he also had to deal with the society which was not too accustomed to seeing an openly transgender man compete in the games.

Laws such as the bathroom Bill of the US also didn’t help because of the fact that according to the law, a transgender man cannot share the locker room with other men.

Chris says that much like everyone he too wanted to have an idol that he could look up to. But unfortunately, there was no one like him at the time when he started and as a result chose to make history by setting an example himself.

Nike has come up with a video that titles immense courage that shows the journey of Chris and how he battled bravely all the odds which came in his way.

We can now safely say that when it comes to LGBT rights, Rio 2016 will be remembered for Chris Mosier.

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