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Himanshu Roy

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Meet Naomi Watanabe, The Nightmare Of Body-Shamers

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  •  October 29, 2016


Naomi Watanabe is showing the middle finger to body-shamers, and the world is loving it!

Naomi, who wears many hats including that of a designer and one of the top comedians in Japan, has always thrown her support behind of plus-sized women. Through her hilarious acts, she has shut all those who tend to criticize women by their weight.

Also known as the Beyonce of Japan (courtesy her funny impressions of the Drunken Love singer), Naomi is a superstar in the country.

From being one of the judges in the Japanese version of The X Factor to launching her own clothing line, Naomi is literally everywhere.

And yes, when you hear that the English translation of the name her clothing line is chubby, then you understand that how she is a nightmare for body-shamers.

She is also the person with the highest number of Instagram followers in Japan.

Naomi’s clothing line offers a large array of options for both regular and plus size people, with the 28-year-old never shying away to speak in favor of people who are often ridiculed by the world for being too fat.

Be it through her photos or social media posts, Naomi has always made it clear that she believes every person is special and ought to be proud of themselves whether the world agrees with them or not.

With her efforts, Japan, which has one of the lowest number of obese people in the world is getting a community dedicated to individuals who are not conventionally thin.

As a result, many women in Japan are looking up to Naomi as an inspiration for plus size people, resulting in increased fan following of the comedian-cum-designer.

The world needs more Naomis!

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