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Komal Panwar


Modern Woman Performing Surya Namaskar Will Now Come As Postage Stamps!

  • JWB Post
  •  June 21, 2016


It’s not easy to wake up every morning and start exercising. I think on some level it’s impossible. Sore eyes, weird hair and a stinky breath are in no way, a motivation to get up and start exercising.Our awesome Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made sure we stare at it every time we send out a khat. The PM loves Yoga, and performs it every morning when he wakes up.

He’s kinda cool, let’s all accept it. 12 new postal stamps have just been released bearing the twelve steps of ‘Sun Salutation’ or as we better know it, Surya Namaskar.

Why today? Well, it’s in the commemoration of the second International Yoga Day.

We absolutely love that the stamps show a modern woman performing the salutations! It’s kinda cool, right? It shows that we stand by our values, but walk with the modern world!

Six out of the twelve stamps have a value of Rs. 5, and the other five are valued at Rs. 25. Let’s do some Surya Namaskar, kids!

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