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Komal Panwar


Momsense, The New App, Will Monitor Your Baby’s Breastfeeding

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  •  July 16, 2016


Are you a new mother? Of course, you know how difficult it is to keep count of how much feed your baby is taking. I mean, if the baby was drinking out of the bottle, you’d know, but there’s no breastfeeding meter.

Or is there? Momsense, an app is revolutionary! It regulates the swallowing sounds of the babies.

Here are a few excerpts from the founder CEO, Dr. Osnat Emanuel with Ravishly, where she explains what Momsense does.

“The Smart Breastfeeding Meter consists of a user-friendly smartphone app and earphone set containing an embedded baby safe sensor for mothers to listen to their baby’s swallowing sounds. Together, these features measure how much milk the baby is consuming while nursing. The app also tracks and reports the nursing patterns over time, records the baby’s swallowing sounds to share with loved ones, and even gives helpful breastfeeding tips.”

“The Smart Breastfeeding Meter was developed by a team of lactation consultants and medical doctors such as myself. While lactation consultants are one of our targets, our primary focus for this product is new mothers.

Momsense is intended to be a supporting tool to measure the breast milk a baby is consuming during the breastfeeding process, which ultimately benefits breastfeeding mothers.

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