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Shreeya Kishanpuria Agarwal

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Nike’s New Face Has Silver Hair And Is Striving For Gold

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  •  January 18, 2017


Move over Milind Soman. I have a new poster star to finally get on with my run. Meet Sister Madonna Buder won the Ironman triathlon at age 82.

Today she is 86 years of age, a nun and the new face of the International Sportswear Brand Nike’s latest campaigns.

Last year, Nike chose Buder as their brand ambassador. The brand that has previously featured the likes of Serena Williams, Roger Federer, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and Rafael Nadal, (phew!) decided to go with this unlikely star that is defying age and standing tall next to all these names.

Nike’s campaign film, aptly titled Unlimited Youth, shows Buder praying in church and then immediately cuts to her routine. Just the usual early morning run, swims across lakes and biking. Ironman triathlon is not far away, and she needs to be ready; as she has been since the age of 55 when she first began competing. That was 1985.

When the narrator asks her if she wants to take a nap, she responds, “I don’t think so.” Reminds me of Bon Jovi. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

 I read Buder, and I want to say to all the grannies, my Granny: There is so much that you can unearth. Beneath the years of handling ladles, scrubbing vessels and healthy young boys and girls, there exists a body. That has been through all, with you. Find time to look at it, embrace it and nourish it.

The picture has changed my friends!

Think not old = walking sticks and rocking chairs.

Think old = around the world on a sailboat in less than 80 days!

Just do your thing.

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