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Komal Panwar


Pakistani Model, Qandeel Baloch, Falls Victim Of Honor Killing

  • JWB Post
  •  July 16, 2016


Qandeel Baloch, a Pakistani model who was called to be Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian, was shot dead by her brother on Saturday.

In another case of honour killing, the model was killed in Multan.

Wondering why? Apparently, because she was posting bold videos and statuses on Facebook. Many of the country’s youth was supporting her for her attitude.

She used to face a lot of online abuses and threats, too.

She was a controversial hit on Valentine’s Day when even after Pakistan’s President’s warning against the “western holiday”, she wore a revealing red dress and posted a message.

The post, needless to say, went viral.

What are we feeling now? Richa Chadha reads our heart in her tweets:


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