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Drishti Bodhraj Premprakashi

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PHOTOS: Check Out How JWB’s Drishti Gets All Tourist-y At The Dubai Mall

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  •  November 8, 2016


There are some perks of living in Dubai. The malls, in my opinion, hold the highest position on that list. I swear every mall will make you like this meme cat.


Anyway, today, I will take you through the gorgeous interiors of The Dubai Mall. *Grabs a coffee cup and a croissant*. Psst… Don’t tell anyone that it’s hot chocolate. Anyway, let’s go!


Oh, look there’s a Tiffany’s! I’ve always wanted to buy a ring from Tiffany’s. Hopefully in a few years.

“Let’s click a picture here, yeah?” I tell my cousin.

“Alright, give me your cup and croissant. I’ll keep it aside so that you can pose,” she said.

*Light bulb blinks on the top of my head*

Coffee, Croissant and Tiffany’s. Breakfast At Tiffany’s!

I might not be Audrey Hepburn but what’s the harm in posing?

Off we go to the next store! We’re heading towards Fashion Avenue. This specific area has all drool-worthy brands. I’m not even kidding. See for yourself.

There’s Louis Vuitton. The place with the prettiest bags. *Sigh* After bombing my cousin with the ‘Do I look too fat in the frame?,’ here’s the picture I have of me outside this store, lol.

Wanna know a secret? This is my first time at Fashion Avenue. Told you the mall was huge [insert smirk emoji].

And here is Chanel with their latest A/W collection. *Gawks at mannequins* 

Following that one is Dior. Can I just say that Dior makes the best perfumes?! Everything about this place screams perfection! Also, look at this sign. Just look at it. It’s brighter than my future.

And here, my friends, is Gucci. The place that I call ‘Gookey’ for fun. Ever wonder how beautiful the interiors might be when the typography of the store is so aesthetic? If you haven’t guessed so far, ‘aesthetic’ is my word for 2016, lol.

Okay, now let me take you to my absolute favorite place. Christian Louboutin. What’s most striking about this brand to me is the red soles on every pair of stilettos. If there’s anything that can make me as happy as food, it’s shoes. Look at me, I’m on my knees. 

So, now I will take you towards a little something that’s not a store. It’s called The Village/Denim District. Denim District has lots of stores that sell, you guessed it, Denims. But the best thing about this side of the mall is the ceiling. Look up and there’s only Umbrellas- ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.

Hm? Where was I? Sorry I got a little carried away. *Nervous laughter*

So, one day of roaming around wasn’t enough and I was exhausted. So I’m gonna have to come back to this place.


I’m back! And so is my cuppa hot chocolate! First up, we have New Yorker.

Now, New Yorker is my favorite place to shop at. So, if you’re ever at Dubai Mall, come to New Yorker fo’ sho’. It has the best clothes at affordable rates. And when it’s on sale, it feels like it’s your birthday!

Okay, enough fangirling here. Let me take you to Forever 21. As winter approaches (In Dubai? Yeah, right), all stores are displaying their new winter collection. But what I love most about Forever 21 is their accessories. Even if I don’t buy clothes here, I don’t return without a set of rings for myself. Guilty, but it’s worth it.

*Aggressively sings Worth It in the background*

Let’s go. *Pulls you by the hand*

Behind me, I have an army of extremely fashionable mannequins at the H&M store. H&M is known for its affordable fashion. And it’s accessories. Forever 21 and H&M are at par in terms of collection. 

Next up is Bobbi Brown. I don’t want to go in because I will look at the makeup and cry. So beautiful! Speaking of Bobbi Brown, did anyone else think of High Heels by Honey Singh?

Okay, let me take you to my second favorite place in this mall. Victoria’s Secret. *wink wink* Don’t worry, we’re not going lingerie shopping. This mall has two stores and this one particular has amazing perfumes, fragrances, and lotions. Look at how that scent has left me so enticed. I even ditched my hot chocolate for it.

Lastly, here’s one place you NEED to visit here. Else, your trip will remain incomplete. Candylicious! This place will make all your dreams come true. It even has Wonka candy! What else can you ask for?! And well, my face says the rest.

Located close to the Burj Khalifa, this candy paradise is sure to win your heart. Make some extra time in your schedule to visit this place and get ready to have the time of your life!

Alright, I should go now. I think the sugar from the candy is starting to kick in.

I’ll be back with more tourist-y stuff to do in Dubai.

Until then,


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