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Avantika Singhal

JWB Contributor

Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Unrealistic Armpit’ Is Setting Wrong Beauty Standards

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  •  June 18, 2016


Dear PC Fangirls or Fanboys,

I read somewhere that ‘no one can be you, and that is your special power’’. Well, take your cue!

A recent picture of Priyanka Chopra on the cover of the Maxim, an Indian magazine, urged me to write this brief letter, and I can say that her armpits are just out of this world.

There are many lies concealed by photoshop, just so that a celebrity looks appealing and pleasing to the eye. But this photoshop attempt went a little too far; border lining unreality and fallacious physical features.

In this cover, PC’s armpits look….well, perfect. How? And, why? Because they wanted to show that those smelly places of the body have not undergone painful sessions of waxing and reduced to a darker color of skin than the whole body? Do they really want to highlight that there are no creases or crinkles or whatever in Strange Hairy Land?

Uh, mind my nicknames, will you?

Also, I’d like to forcefully reiterate that Priyanka is also a part of the same human race as you are. And it is safe to say that even she must be having the same kind of armpits as you, right?

Then, why this sore attempt to perfect everything?

Is the concept of ‘natural’ very underrated? The show business seems to think that portraying celebrities as god-like, pristine creatures will attract audiences and in this case, motivate young girls to achieve Perfect Armpit Situation like seen in this one.

We all know what happened to those who wanted to emulate Barbie. “shudders.”

Setting unnatural and unreachable standards regarding body weight and other things is just foolish, to be honest.

I am pretty certain that if they had decided to show the Real Outgrowth Realm (I can’t stop), no one would have cringed and thrown the magazine away in distaste. Because we all know that, armpits, for one thing, cannot be perfect. They are hairy, and the waxing hurts. Oh god, it hurts.

And as Bruno Mars rightfully sang – ‘you are amazing, just the way you are.’

If you really want to set a standard for the masses, set one that is believable and achievable. Set one that makes the general population relate with the celebrities easily and without any qualms.

Dear PC Fans, I hope you get what we are trying to say.

Until Then,

The Girl Who Cannot Stop Giving Funny Names to Armpits.

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