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Roli Singh, Secretary, Tourism Dept. Of Rajasthan, Invites You To Light Up The Night Tourism

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  •  September 16, 2016


I don’t know much about the Jaipur nightlife because momma’s got a curfew that I gotta obey. But, when I heard about Jaipur inviting the conductive atmosphere for night tourism, I stopped to observe more.

‘Jaipur by Nite,’ an initiative of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), takes place today and tomorrow (September 16 & 17). Now, really, Jaipur is no dearth of places for night tourism, and there’s something much more that was required. To find out, I met Ms. Roli Singh, Secretary, Tourism, Govt. of Rajasthan.

Me: How is the night tourism focusing on the safety of women?

Roli: Of course, the safety of women is a priority concern everywhere. The police are doing their job, throughout the night you can see patrolling around the city. And, to think of it, in general, Rajasthan is a very safe land.

Then there’s the floating population, and criminals around the city that need to be controlled, too. Also, you should follow the rules of the land you’re in. But, thankfully, promoting tourism at night in Jaipur doesn’t suffer from danger.

Me: What all does the night tourism cover?

Roli: This is a showcasing done by the CII, to show people that Jaipur can offer a variety of tourism picks at night. Ultimately, it is the people who have to come forward, and I mean the traders’ associations, the marketplaces, and shop owners. It isn’t something that can be forced down someone’s throats!

The municipality has to be completely on board; it has to be something they do voluntarily.

Me: What attractions have already been planned for night tourism?

Roli: They keep a lot of museums and forts open at night. Say, like, there are sometimes events planned for Purnima at the Amber fort, we try to have light and sound shows at Jantar Mantar, City Palace, etc.

Me: What would be some tourism tips you’d give to travelers visiting Rajasthan from around the world?

Roli: Come with an open mind, explore. Read about the history of Rajasthan; it would give you a perspective that you’d otherwise ordinarily not see. India is a vast, diverse, country, don’t try to box it up. It has been a land of free-flowing ideas, and a lot of cross-cultural influences. Of course, certain cultural sensibilities need to be kept in mind. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated!

I couldn’t stop staring at the painting behind Roli. It felt like while I was talking to a professional Roli, her soul flown behind her. You’d know what I mean when you meet her. The painting was made by Ram Viranjan, a Kurukshetra University professor.

Here’s a message from Roli to all of us!

Start exploring the city in the night, and let’s give tourists another reason to come and visit our city. Let’s make the experience richer for the tourists.

Jaipur by Nite’s Day One on September 16 witnesses the cultural and musical evening at Jaigarh Fort. Performances by Rajasthan Roots & Euphoria shall be the highlights of the event.

The second day will have a one of a kind night marathon. It will begin from Hotel Clarks Amer at 11 pm. You can pick your own model: the 10km or the 5km run.

Are you going?

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