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Jayati Godhawat

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Sania Mirza Settled The Sexist Question Of “Settling Down” Like A Boss!

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  •  July 15, 2016


Sania Mirza is one of the most successful tennis players of our country and right now, she’s ranked at No.1 in the women’s doubles rankings.  

Still, she is not “settled.”

Nope, I am not saying this.

Recently, a top-notch journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai, in an interview inquired about her, “Retirement, settling down, and motherhood plans.”

“You don’t talk about retirement, about raising a family, about motherhood, what’s life beyond tennis is going to be…”

And at that moment, Sania Mirza decided to give him a lesson of his life with this kickass response.

She said,

“You don’t think I’m settled?…  You sound disappointed that I’m not choosing motherhood over being number one in the world at this point of the time. But I’ll answer your question anyway; that’s the question I face all the time as a woman, that all women have to face – the first is marriage and then it’s motherhood. Unfortunately, that’s when we’re settled, and no matter how many Wimbledons we win or number ones in the world we become, we don’t become settled.”

Thank you Sania, someone had to say it!

Of course, Rajdeep instantly apologized by saying, “I phrased that question very badly. And, I would  never ask any male athlete this question, ‘when are you settling down?’”

It must be the very first incident where a reporter or a journalist accepted their mistake and apologized, that too, on a national platform.

However, the issue of considering a woman’s career as a side business remains and it’s disappointing. Why is a woman’s life “complete” only if she’s married and has kids?

Why can’t they choose their own path and happiness in whatever way they want?

Think about it!

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