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Himanshu Roy

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After Seeing What This New Dating App Does, Your Jaw Will Drop

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  •  July 9, 2016


If you are searching for the ideal 21st century dating app, then look no further as Happn is here to the rescue. I know, you might be wondering what could be new about another one in the long line of dating apps that have sprung up in recent times, but here’s why Happn is the best fitted to suit the needs of millennials.

For starters, if you cross paths with someone who has the app installed on their phones, then their profile shows up in your timeline. I am still kinda trying to figure it out that how the hell is that possible, but yes, that’s what Happn is all about.

So it is quite possible for you finding out that you have already crossed paths with your crush more than once, and Happn also tells you about the things that you have in common. Sounds great, eh? So if you like the person, all you need to do is to send a heart to their profiles through the app. If they reciprocate, you can start chatting.

So, Happn is one app where you don’t need to search for people, and the information comes automatically to your phones. Since it also shows that when and where you met the other person, it gives common fodder for you to have a conversation.

And if you are worrying about stalkers and other privacy issues, then rest assured as Happn never gives out your actual location and only gives a notification that you are near to a potential match.

Given the fact that dating apps are the new craze for the gen-y, it seems that Happn’s here to stay!

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