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Komal Panwar


Serena Williams’ Nipple Show Is Probably More Important Than Her Achievements

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  •  July 8, 2016


Serena Williams is pretty cool, right? She’s so amazing. We all wish we were as successful as her, right? Whenever we say tennis, the first thing that comes to our minds is Serena Williams, right?

So, then how does it matter if her ‘nipples’ are showing through her tennis dress during Wimbledon? Why can’t we LET IT GO?

Because, why should we? She’s kicking asses in the court, but we gotta kick her ass by dissing at her ‘cuz her nipples are showing.

Someone, please hand me a sword, preferably one made with Valyrian steel, so that I can kill off these heartless White Walkers. Yes, white walkers, since their souls are so f*cking cold!

Read what the douchebags said:






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