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Shaili Chopra Tells Womenpreneurs How To Create A Personal Brand On Social Media

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  •  February 6, 2017


Perhaps, you remember Shaili Chopra, the founder of SheThePeople.TV, the journalist, TV news presenter, and an author of three books. About a year ago, Indian Women Blog was in conversation with Shaili when she visited Jaipur for the event “Boost Your Business“.

She has been the proud recipient of  India’s biggest journalism honour ‘The Ramnath Goenka Award for best in Business Journalism’, among many others.

In short, she is one hell of a woman!

Here are five things Shaili said in an exclusive interview with IWB, that will inspire every budding entrepreneur:

I have been a big supporter of networking. I believe that’s a very important link in the growth of any business, brand or leader. Social media breaks barriers, opens access across geographies and becomes an enabler.

She also gave tips for creating a personal brand on social media.

“Be honest. Engage with people. Showcase your skills. Use digital as an enabler.”

We asked her about the biggest challenges faced by women entrepreneurs.

“The biggest challenge is themselves. Women need to raise their own benchmarks and fight their inner battles so they can overcome doubt and unleash their potential.

Shaili also talked about obtaining funding from online businesses.

“There are many ways to obtain funding from online businesses. From telling your stories via platforms like SheThePeople to joining and presenting with crowd-funding platforms – the opportunities are one and many.”

Men often use golf courses to hash out business deals. What about women? Where according to you can women do the same? Also, why is still golf considered as a man’s sport?

“Deals are deals and dealmakers are dealmakers. You play golf if you love it and business needs it. In India golf is still considered male dominated because not enough women have taken to it. However, if you ask me – it’s one wonderful sport that women should take up because it lends itself not only to their brains, beauty, and lifestyle, it’s something they can use to network, too.”

Isn’t that wonderful? I’m sure Shaili’s words of wisdom proved to be an inspirational talk for you, and just the felix felicis you needed for the week. *wink*


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