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Should You Start A Business With BFF? Stylists Hemal & Urmi Answer The ‘WhatWearHow’!

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  •  September 7, 2016


Fashion Stylists Hemal Ved and Urmi Daga know how to win a fashion war – by adding a pinch of quirk.While Hemal’s Twitter handle says ‘Shopping isn’t a hobby, it’s a full-time job,’ Urmi’s says ‘I do what I love…I love what I do’. And so, they ended up founding an online hub called What Wear How.

Obsessed with their wardrobes, I decided to speak to this fashion duo:

New on the #blog! #WhatWearHow

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We are always up for a session of retail therapy, all you have to ask us is what, wear and how!

Tell me the story of how you guys met?

Both of us were working in the PR space before our venture into styling and now even blogging. Along the way, we bumped into each other and realized fashion is our true calling, and everything from our styling to blogging really sprung from there.

Up on the #blog | Visit www.whatwearhow.in for details Picture: @jainakumar | Location: @marketcitykurla #WhatWearHow

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How easy or difficult is it for BFFs to work together? Are you Twin Souls?

Observing us and our posts, we may seem to be eerily similar. Right from styles to choices and even other. So much so that we almost end up wearing the same outfits sometimes, unintentionally. If that doesn’t define our similarity, I don’t know what does!


At that, we are also our own person. Which means we are very individualistic and make up for qualities that we lack in ourselves by fulfilling it in each other. Where one of us starts, the other ends and vice versa. We complement each other perfectly, and although we are running a company together, personal relationships also matter a lot to us, so we don’t let anything get in the way.

Dripping in denim with @onlyindia #denimizetheworld | More on the #blog Picture: @jainakumar #WhatWearHow

A photo posted by What Wear How (@urmidaga) on


How was day one at work?

Initially, we just ran the blog out of our wardrobes. When we got bored, we sourced out from designers or multi-designer stores. As you know, both of us had PR backgrounds; it was never difficult for us to source out things. It was only later that brands started approaching, and now it’s a different ball game altogether.

Clear one misconception about (fashion) blogging.

There is a common misconception that blogging does not pay. As long as you stick to the right brands for your creative partnerships and liaisons, stay true to who you are as a brand and always stay real, you will have a financially sound career. All it takes is a dedicated professional behavior, representing your authentic self and having a little fun along the way.

Is Fashion Blogging mostly about attractive pictures? How important is the text?

It’s true that with the rise of social media and blogging, visual aids and photographic mediums are given more importance. That may attract potential readers, however, in the short term it does not create dedicated or loyal viewers. To create them, words also play an important part. Those who are true readers and want to read will read. Until then, images are important, but it’s also vital that you don’t lose your sense of self and whom you are to create a certain brand persona. Simply be true to yourself.

What else sets you apart?

Our strength is daily fashion, which is also why people really connect well with us. We love to make looks which can be wearable for everyone whether is from the streets or the ramp.

Also, we are big on aesthetic and always make sure that our images, styling or even words encapsulate the right idea of the post and are executed in the most creatively way possible. We ensure that quality is always prime, even if churning out posts are a little slow at that moment.

Shed some fashion tips, you two.

Slips and white tees, statement jackets, mesh, overtops, velour sandals and shoes and crop flare jeans.

Any tips for finding affordable fashion pieces?

Always always scout in and out. Sometimes you may find a diamond in the rough. Know the products worth, its longevity and your idea of its usage. If you aren’t going to use it enough or need to wear it just once, it’s not that worth it. The key lies in the basics and playing around with it! Let it be your canvas!

What colors can we play with this season?

We love everything from the brightest of colors to pastels and earthy tones. You can try that, too!

Earlier today! #wwhdaily

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How important is to accessorize? Most women don’t pay attention to it. Guilty!

It really depends on the types of look you want to pull off. Accessorizing is important but not in the OTT manner that most people now believe it to be synonymous to. It could be a pair of earrings or even a statement piece of jewelry. If none of those is your style, play with your hair and experiment with makeup. Accessories are ignorable as long as the focus is pulled onto the face area. That said, we still are all for bling up. After all, all it took was one pearl necklace to make Chanel what it is!

Fun questions. Most women complain about the morning pimple bursts and love tyres, what’s your approach?

We complain too, who doesn’t? Half an hour of workout or a simple jog does it all. The motto is to stay fit. We simply believe in living and letting live. Do what you want and love it when you do it, live it when you do it. Want to eat that delicious donut? Eat! Want to wear that dress you always thought about? Wear! Do what you think is right and your heart tells you to do. It’s your life, and no one else has the power to dictate it. If that drool-worthy cake gives you pimples the morning after? So what! Nothing is permanent. The pimples will go, but the memories of that amazing cake will be there forever. Enjoy it!

I have got some super-quick questions for you? All set?


Favorite pose? Are you obsessed with the S-pose, too?

Is Googling allowed?

Twin tag on #AlwaysAndForever #WhatWearHow Location: @marketcitykurla | Picture: @jainakumar

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Women love to pout. Yes or no?


Last day with her 😓😭! #sistersister

A photo posted by What Wear How (@urmidaga) on

Weirdest fashion experiment.

We’ve been lucky so far.

Latest! Picture: @jainakumar | Location: @asilomumbai #WhatWearHow

A photo posted by What Wear How (@urmidaga) on

Here comes a professional one. Top three rules of fashion blogging?

  1. Be clear on who you are as a brand
  2. Focus on quality and not quantity for relevance
  3. Always remove a little ‘me time’ for yourself. Don’t burn out the creativity.

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