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Sonakshi Sinha Just Gave A Strong Suggestion To Other Female Actors

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  •  November 12, 2016


During a recent interview, Sonakshi Sinha announced loudly that female actors shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting.

She told IANS “If there is any time to take risk, it is now with films, filmmaking and characters, because we never know what clicks with the audience. And every time you give them something different, they accept it and lap it up.”

She added, “It is a very good time to be a girl in the industry because they are making characters for women. Roles keeping women in mind, and scripts are being written for women. So, I feel that way it is definitely on a rise. I feel there has been a visible shift in the kind of films being made, with challenging roles. So, I feel there is a lot to choose from. Honestly, I made a promise to myself that Akira onwards, I only want to do roles that challenge me in one way or another.”

Talking about the stereotypes revolving around actors, she said, “When a hero does anything, then nobody really questions it. But when you put a woman in his place, you have to explain why she is doing the action. It is wrong. I feel this kind of mindset needs to be changed. In today’s age, where women are doing everything – be it going to outer space or winning medals at the Olympics, I don’t think we should do this. I think the mindset should change and people should approach it differently.”

This girl’s words are so on point.



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