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Komal Panwar


The Statistics Of How Much Food India Wastes Every Year Will Shock You

  • JWB Post
  •  September 19, 2016


How many times do you go to the restaurant and finish the whole food that you had ordered? I always make it a point not to waste the food on my plate, and if there are any leftovers, I give them away.

A report on food wastage has recently revealed that India wastes a whopping 67 million ton of food every year. The study had been conducted by Ciphet that said that the food wasted is more than the national output of countries such as Britain and enough to feed a state like Bihar, for a year.

As per an HT report, food worth 92,000 crores is wasted every year. This is more than half of what the Govt. needs to feed 600 million Indians using a subsidized ration.

Well, apart from the food that we waste, a lot of fruits, vegetables and more are prone to rotting since they have a short shelf life.

A lot of food also gets wasted during transportation. About a million ton of onions. 2.2 million ton of tomatoes gets lost during transportation from the farm to the markets.

Over five million eggs get cracked or go bad during the transport.

The report has suggested to taking strong measures like investing in cold storage, working on the transportation, and more.

Make sure you remember these figures the next time you think of wasting food.


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