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This 16 Y.O. Girl Has Built Over 15 Toilets In Her Village In Just One Year

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  •  January 30, 2017


Every one of us has listened to Vidya Balan urging all the people in villages to have a toilet in their house with, “Jaha soch, waha sauchalaya!”

But, there’s one girl who actually is bringing this vision to reality.

A small village near Maharashtra, Nandgaon, had 100 houses but zero toilets and people would defecate in the open areas.

16-year-old girl, Rohini Karale has helped 15 families in building toilets in their homes and she is determined to build more.

According to the Firstpost, Rohini realized the need to have a private and proper toilet when she started menstruating.

“As I grew up to be a woman, things changed for me. It was very embarrassing and also petrifying to just relieve myself out in the open. I had to wait for the sun to go down to relieve myself. And the most difficult days were during my menstruation because those days required extra care and hygiene, unlike the regular days. But now with a toilet within my house, it has actually made a drastic change not just for me but with this we have been actually advocating the importance of hygiene and sanitation to our fellow villagers.”

Then, Rohini not only convinced her grandfather, who’s the sarpanch of the village to build a toilet in their house but also to spread awareness of its need in their village.

I requested my grandfather to take up the issue in public since he was the Sarpanch at that point of time. Speaking about the issue in a public forum helped others to take cognizance of the problems faced by teenage girls and women in my village,” she reportedly told.

She took the help of an NGO, Habitat for Humanity India, to build the first toilet in the village, which was in her house. And, in one year of its installation, she has been able to help 15 other families build toilets in their homes.

Kudos to her spirit and efforts!

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