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Himanshu Roy

JWB Blogger

This 7 Y.O. Made The Social Media Swoon Over Her With A ‘Mom Costume’ On Halloween

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  •  November 2, 2016


Vampires, witches, and aliens are some of the names that cross your mind when you hear the word Halloween. But, I bet that this is the first time you will hear that someone donned the costume of a mom in the festival.

Yes, 7-year-old Lainie Griffin turned into a mom for Halloween and the Internet just went berserk over the fact that how she looked absolutely perfect.

With dark circles under her eyes and clutching two baby dolls in her hand, Lainie looked every bit a mother and beautifully reflected the ordeals that every mom has to face in her daily routine of managing her family.

What’s more surprising is that the little one had come up with this idea on her own, after seeing her mother Jessica and the seemingly impossible array of tasks that she has to handle every day at home.

Jessica, who is the mother of five children connected instantly with her daughter’s idea and helped her transform into an overly worked-out mom who has barely any time for herself after running after kids and household chores all day.

She even created a fake, spit-up (you know, when you’re handling so many babies every day, drool is bound to become part of your life) with water and baby powder that gave the much-needed realistic touch to Lainie’s look.

And once the photo of Lainie wearing her ‘mom costume’ was posted on Facebook, it instantaneously managed to strike a chord with the netizens with huge numbers of likes and comments pouring in.

Till now, the photo has got over 1,80,000 reactions on the social networking site.

It is indeed a great thing that even at the tender age of 7, a girl understands the pain that her mother takes up every day to raise her children. It’s about time that the society, too, gives mothers their due recognition.

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