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Priya Motiani

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This 8 Y.O. Did The Cutest Thing EVER For His Visually Impaired Mother

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  •  June 30, 2016


Ask a person running a boutique about the kinds of dress design requests they get in a day and they’ll tell you – ‘A crazy whole lot of them!’

But this one particular demand that a Gurgaon-based boutique – Cleavage and Curves – received, sent their designers into a reeling wave of ‘Awwww’.

Why, you ask? Because the request under consideration depicted a really rare kind of love – The love of an 8-year-old son (Namish) for his visually impaired mother (Madhu).

When the mother-son duo walked into the boutique, it was Namish instead of Madhu, who showed the design to be imitated. Turns out, this design was Namish’s own creation – one that he had sketched almost a year back for his mother.

“He had treasured that sketch all this while and now it was time to make that dress a reality.
He animatedly explained to me how he wanted the patterns and colours to be exact. The stripes, the squares, the circles, and the diamonds. All needed to be as per his design.”

The incident moved the boutique fellas so much that not only did they create the exact same replica of the sketch, but also posted this on their page:

Needless to say, this post went viral.

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