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This Happened When A Man Catcalled Belly Dancer Meher With The Worst Pickup Line Everrr

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  •  January 17, 2017


Last night, famous Belly dancer Meher Malik shared three videos on Instagram about the street harassment that she and her friend, Cynthia, suffered on the streets of Sydney.

She divided the whole incident into three parts. In the first video, Meher recounts how a random man cat-called the two friends by saying if he “could be the ham to that sandwich.” She calls it the cheesiest pick-up line ever. Undoubtedly.

Meher then questions (men), “What makes you think I am a fucking food product?”

Part 1- "could I be the ham to that sandwich?" With @cynthia_copa #peoplearestrange #disrespectful #crimesagainstwomen #harassment #bethechange #feminist #feminism #womenpower #bestrong #fearless #objectified #wtf

A video posted by Meher Malik (@banjaranmeher) on

She adds that traveling has made her realize that eve-teasing can happen everywhere in the world and that, it happens because men don’t know how to speak to a woman.

The second video named the ‘Crazy Eye’ (ha-ha) teaches women a trick or two about how to get rid of a creep merely using your eyes. She says, “…just give him the crazy eye” and even shows how to master it!

Part 2- The crazy eye 👽👁👀😎😂 with @cynthia_copa #wtf #objectified #fearless #bestrong #womenpower #backoff #inequality #bethechange #shithappens

A video posted by Meher Malik (@banjaranmeher) on

My favorite is the last video that questions every woman out there – Are you a woman of 2017? She says, “We need to carry ourselves with as much dignity as possible. Have fun, party, go out, drink, do whatever you want, but make sure you carry yourself with dignity. Because then you don’t give anybody the power to cheat you the way they want. You, then, get cheated the way you want to be.”

Part 3- Are you a woman of 2017??? #bethechange #womenpower #feminism #feminist #womanhood #powerful #2017 #resolution #getup #standup #bestrong

A video posted by Meher Malik (@banjaranmeher) on

She ends the talk by saying that women should enjoy the womanhood and take a plunge already because she feels that 2017 is the year of women. We second her, what about you?

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