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Mansi Khandelwal

JWB Blogger

This Michelle Obama’s Purple Dress Adds Meaning To “Who Are You Wearing”

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  •  November 12, 2016


On Thursday, Michelle Obama welcomed the president-elect’s wife Melania Trump as a tradition to the White House for sipping tea. After a lot of turbulence that was caused on the Internet after Melania plagiarized Mrs.Obama’s words during her speech at RNC, a photo of this ‘awkward meeting’ took no time to erupt with memes and tweets on the Internet!

But amidst this chaos of hateful jokes and trolls, we overlooked the significance in the dress Michelle Obama chose to wear. She who has impressed us time and again with her intelligence chose substance over style!

The dress she donned for the occasion, designed by Narciso Rodriguez, was a shade of deep purple. This color choice can have the same meaning to the purple ensemble Hillary Clinton wore at her concession speech. Purple is a result of mixing blue and red, the election colors of the two parties, an indicator that she and Hillary along with others are hoping to work in coordination and harmony with the newly elected President.

Also, purple is associated with mourning or grief. And that surely is a feeling a lot of people are experiencing in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s shocking victory. The third connotation attached to this color is that purple was adopted by the suffragist movement as one of their three official colors during their fight for the right to vote.

Moving ahead of the significance attached to the shade, Michelle adds meaning to the ‘most important question’ asked at all Red Carpet events, “Who are you wearing.”

Hello Giggles noted, designer Narciso Rodriguez is of Cuban-American descent and the son of immigrants. Mrs. Obama has favored Rodriguez throughout the past eight years, wearing one of his garments during her final days too. By donning his outfit Michelle signals her support for both the immigrant population and her hope that Trump will continue the work President Obama had begun to reopen relations with Cuba.

Michelle Obama and her husband have shown so much grace and poise during their turbulent political time, that I am running short of words to express my respect for this couple. It is so impressive to see Michelle chooses to vent out her emotions in less obvious and subtle ways.

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