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This Pakistani Woman Has The Best Definition For The Indo-Pak Relationship

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  •  October 4, 2016


29-year-old Alizay Jaffer from Islamabad, Pakistan, has something to say to those spreading hatred through their words amidst the Indo-Pak tension.

On September 29, she wrote a Facebook post about the clash and how it had been affecting people from both sides of the border. But before everything, she begins writing about the love she and other Pakistanis have for India and everything Indian!

“When Amitabh Bachchan is in the hospital, we pray for his good health; when Ranbir Kapoor’s film is a hit, we’re prouder than Neetu and Rishi; we never deny that no one brings romance to life like the voices of Kishore and Rafi; they are in unanimous agreement that their local music scene is not a patch on ours; if we happen to interact abroad, they’re the only pardesis we include in the ‘desi’ category; their monuments carry our history; our language carries their roots.”

Her pain is evident in the text and is clearly the voice of thousands of people undergoing the quandary:

“The strangest thing about our (Indian & Pakistan) relationship, in fact, is our propensity to change roles. To the world, most of the time, we are siblings; constantly at loggerheads, trying to get into daddy’s good books so that he may buy us a toy, or take us for a drive, or better yet, increase our allowance. Other times, we are like a divorced couple, sharing space, constantly bickering over who lost out in the settlement, unable to finally come to terms with the fact that we are no longer together. It seems the scars of our separation are still so ripe, so painful, that they can’t accept that we left, and we can’t accept that they let us leave. In an event like this, we only find solace in making sure the other is just as hurt as we are, so we put in our all our resources, our best efforts, to do exactly that.”

That’s one beautiful explanation, agree? By the end, Alizay went on to say how the acts of love and friendship will always be keeping us together. Read her full post below:

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