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Priya Motiani

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This Poem On A Woman’s Right To Sexuality Is Hauntingly Beautiful

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  •  July 7, 2016


“Being a woman is a psychological warfare.”

“I have been conditioned to believe that I am imperfect, that my body is an anchor, that my gender is a commodity.”

These are the excerpts from a hauntingly beautiful and unnervingly powerful poem – “Women”. Performed by Terisa Siagatonu and Carrie Rudzinski at the All Def Poetry, the poem kicks off on the lines of the story of the Duke girl who chose to be a porn star so that she could pay for college. And how she was slut-shamed and humiliated for being proud of doing so.

“They built you up only so they could rip you down. So they could show that you only belong to the public. The media doesn’t slut shame the men who have fucked her. The media has taught me that female sexuality is the most powerful thing in the world by how much they want to destroy it!”

The two poetesses scream their hearts out imploring women to embrace and pamper their sexuality for their own selves, not for the men. After all, everyone should have a right to their sexuality. Don’t you think so?

I wouldn’t be lying if I told you that their rendition of this poem gave me goosebumps! So brace yourself before you watch the video because a wave of empowerment is about to strike you. And strike you hard it will.

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