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Himanshu Roy

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This Video Will Show You The Evil That Lurks Inside Varanasi

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  •  July 27, 2016


What comes to your mind when you hear about Varanasi? A city of temples where the Ganga flows like a shimmery strip of silver, one of the holiest places in Hinduism and of numerous ghats which are different little worlds in itself. But you know what, there’s more to Varanasi than what meets the eye.

Inside the ancient city lurks an evil that no one wants to talk about, the menace of sex trafficking. Countless children, as young as newborns are kidnapped and forcibly brought into the sex trade, sold to brothels with all this while the society is turning a blind eye to it.

In a new video from Blush Channel, we get to see this different side of Varanasi, the holiest city in India. Victims recount spine-chilling details about how they were kidnapped, trafficked and raped with no one coming to their rescue.

People from the Guria Sangsthan, a non-profit organization, have been working tirelessly for the last many years to fight this menace of sex trafficking. With husband-wife duo Ajeet and Manju at the helm, the foundation has rescued many children from the dark world of trafficking.

As we get know from Ajeet, in most times the police are directly involved in the sex trafficking industry and make profits by not taking any action against the offenders. Some of the victims say that when their parents went to lodge a FIR in the police station, the police threatened them and didn’t lodge cases.

“In most cases, the police say that your daughter has run off with another man. Even where the girl is as young as six-year-old, this is the excuse that the cops give for not registering the FIR,” says Manju.

Very few people are actually concerned about the fates of these countless girls who are damned into the dark world of prostitution and don’t know any way how to get out.

The Guria Sangsthan has been a beacon of hope for such victims, and many of the girls who were rescued are slowly being rehabilitated by the Sangsthan, but there’s still a lot to do which can’t be possible without government support.

Do watch the video. My idea of Varanasi changed after watching it.

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