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Avantika Singhal

JWB Contributor

Three Adorbale Jaipur Fathers Confess What It’s Like Sending Daughters Away For Higher Studies

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  •  June 18, 2016


You are in your tiny little nest, accompanied by the ever doting Mama Bird and the firm but caring Papa Bird. Soon, you sprout wings, and it is time to traverse the skies of the world and scale the globe for what it is worth.

Father’s Day is here, and we’ve found it to be the perfect reason to talk to the fathers of Jaipur and see how they feel to see their daughters go off out and about to college.

Sehejneet Sethi’s dad, Mr. Hardeep Sethi, an eloquent and insightful individual, tells us:

Sehejneet Sethi with her father, Mr. Hardeep Sethi

“She was two when she took her first trip to the United States. I carried her to the airport in my arms, making her sit through an 18-hour flight. Little did I know that one day she would be boarding the same flight again. Probably alone this time. She’ll be starting a new phase of her life, which apparently, will not include us picking her up from school or inquire about her every activity at every hour of every day. She was never a typical teenager with tantrums. And, I expect her to be the same good-natured girl she is now. I have told her that she can talk to me about ANYTHING, just like she does with her mother. I am happy to be her tour guide always, for I know she’ll do the right thing. She’s 18 but for me, she’ll always be that two-year-old who cried for a good two hours due to turbulence after finally landing in the United States.”

Sehej will fly off to Pepperdine University in August. All the best!

Vidisha Banal’s father, Mr. Puneet Bansal, bares his heart out by saying:

Vidisha Banal with her father, Mr. Puneet Bansal

“I get instantly sentimental when I think about her running off to college. I am going to miss her liveliness. I will miss oiling her hair every alternative day and the face she makes when her brother switches to the sports channel. It will be very hard for me. But, that’s what fathers are for – teaching so many things and letting their offspring go off to face the world.”

Vidisha is a science enthusiast who has gained the immense love for animals and their well-being. She hopes to get admission in one of the most renowned universities in the country which offers the best course of Zoology.

Gunjan Karamchandani’s father, Rajesh Karamchandani, tells us:

Gunjan Karamchandani with her father, Mr. Rajesh Karamchandani,

“It’s almost impossible to describe the happiness I felt when my daughter, Gunjan, scored excellent marks in her boards and received the rank of 258 in JEE MAINS. I know that she will make it to one of the many prestigious institutes in the country, I know that she will be leaving the city eventually. The fact that she will be in a completely different place and not in front of my eyes all the time gives me chills. I am obviously apprehensive and paranoid, but that will not let me stop her from broadening her horizons. With that being said, we are ready to send her, send her into the world which will be guided by none but her.”

With Gunjan’s scientific aptitude, she will achieve even greater heights!

Honestly, all these sacred confessions by the fathers are making me emotional! Where is that Kleenex box, now?

In all honesty, Father’s Day will keep coming, and we will keep celebrating the existence of the man who teaches us to ride bikes, makes burnt Maggie when Mom is not home (Hi Dad!) and gives advice that knocks sense into our heads. This post is dedicated to all the fathers who are intimidated by their daughters drifting off to a new place.

But Dear Hearts of Fathers, have courage. Your daughters will do nothing but make you proud.

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