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Lavanya Bahuguna


Twin Fashion Bloggers, Zina & Zoya, Give Advice On How To Keep It ‘Terribly’ Chic

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  •  January 9, 2017


They say twins double the giggles, at that, multiply the trouble! *ouch*

So when I spoke to twin fashion bloggers, Zina & Zoya, I made sure I ask those things that make them the Terrible Two’s. That, by the way, is also their blog’s name!

Scroll down to find out everything about their ‘Sibling Partnership’:

On what they were doing before founding Terrible Two’s.

Both of us were regular students at the Regents Business School, London.

About the magical moment when they decided to start the blog.

Honestly, it was more of a spontaneous decision. Fashion because we like a variety of things and experimenting with fashion.

The truth behind the name ‘Terrible Two’s?’

An uncle called us the terrible twins jestingly, we took it seriously. Plus being twins, we always had fun with people.

On receiving the worst business advice.

Blogging is not a business. Duh.

Exposing one disadvantage of working together.

Sigh, separating personal and professional lives is hard. 

On making ‘terrible’ mistakes.

Letting somebody else style us.

On being self-taught fashion influencers.

No textbook can preach you about the style that suits your personality.

Revealing who’s the smart shopper.


On NOT being on the same page fashionably.

With different body types, we tend to think in different directions. However, it always comes back to a general consensus.

On fooling people with their same looks.

God’s joke on us and we fool around with many people. Once this guy got scared because he thought he’s seen a ghost, but it was actually both of us walking into the same room one after the other.

On who brings the calm and chaos to work.

We take turns.

On wearing similar clothes.

Only on our birthday.

On stealing from each other’s closet.

We don’t steal. We just think it belongs to us. *ha-ha*

One thing they’ll NEVER share with each other.


Though Zina & Zoya are identical twins and have varieties of things to say, people close to them have something different to tell about the girls. Take Photographer Yashasvi Sharma who completes the gang of Terrible Two’s.

Yashasvi said, “They might not agree, but both Zina and Zoya have a good sense of humor. They can turn any fashion shoot into a fun experience for everyone present on the sets. On a serious note, I think that the girls know how things should be in a photo shoot. Having a vision to a certain degree and letting the spontaneity of all artists involved bless it with their magic. They make interesting images together!”

Remembering his first meeting with the sisters, he said, “I met Zina and Zoya, the strikingly beautiful twins, for the first time at Wills India Fashion Week about 5 years ago. I just knew I had to photograph them. There’s something about qualities unique to people that drive me to create. However, it happened almost 3 years later that we came together to shoot something for their blog. To be honest, I find Zina and Zoya very similar yet unique enough to know what each one would bring to a photo.”

[Photos belong to Terrible Two’s]

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