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Varun Dhawan Zips Up The ‘Hard-on’ Trolls With This Response To JWB

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  •  July 19, 2016


Team JWB was making its way to the World Trade Park Tuesday afternoon and as usual, Sanchit and I were fired up. Celebrity time, baby! Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez were going to give us some love, or well, was it the other way round, I’ll let you make that decision.

The duo was in town to promote their upcoming film “”. The movie revolves around India’s top cricketer who goes missing in the Middle East, and two cops go on a 36-hour manhunt.

I had seen Varun’s *ahem* 8-pack-photograph*ahem* on Instagram and was rather disappointed seeing the way he was treated by trolls.

Morning workouts with @rohanbodysculptor and @prashantsixpack #dishoom29th July. Trained non stop for 3 months with my trainers for this movie. Give it all or nothing. #jaanemanaah

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I won’t lie, but when Jacqueline and Varun stepped up in the Press Conference to promote their upcoming film, I couldn’t help but allow Varun to steal my heart away.

Um, to whoever present at the venue, it wasn’t me who fell at the sight of him…

Jacqueline was sadly a little ill, though it didn’t seem that way, considering the energy level she had shown up with, and the enthusiasm with which she was responding to the questions! Hey, Jacqueline, I had a crush on your jacket!

JWB: Snapchat tells us that there’s a new mini fan running around in your van. How would you be an inspiration to her?

Jacqueline: She was such a little pleasure to have around. When she reached out for the makeup, I’d stop her and tell her that she didn’t need makeup. At that age, it’s more about being yourself, having fun, doing what you want, and just being a nice human being, and that’s what I told her. I think that’s enough inspiration for not only children but anyone in general.

Wow, Jacqueline, strong one there. I think that’s what all of us should be teaching kids. Be YOURSELF! Let’s not mould them into something they don’t want to be.

My next question was for Varun.

JWB: People tend to attack celebrities on the social media, right? How do you deal with it mentally?

Varun: *Laughs* We were just discussing this as I’d recently been trolled on the internet, thanks to a photograph.

There were giggles and mumbles in the background. And that’s when someone from the audience shouted, “8-pack.”

Varun: Achha, sab has rahe ho, sab ko pata hai! *laughs* I don’t let it bother me, and to be very honest, this is my reaction. All you can do is just smile about it. I remember when I first joined Facebook back in college, I realized how judgmental people were on the social media. Everyone was posting their pictures, and people would comment on the color of their shirt, if not something else.

It was worse for girls. Starting from a thin strand of their eyelash to their hair, or even their makeup, everyone would be extremely judgmental. And you know, sometimes that completely shatters a person’s confidence. Thankfully, for me, that hasn’t happened. I’m pretty confident.

Thank you, Varun. JWB lauds how vocal you are about the issue.

Dear trolls,






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