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JWB’s Hunt For Sassy & Quirky Ended At ”Pyjama Party”

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  •  July 20, 2016


I hope the women fraternity will forgive me for letting out our biggest secret of all times – a sacred secret that we’ve been hiding all along.

Contrary to what we say, and contrary to what our spending patterns reflect, we don’t really like skirts/dresses/denims/shorts. Our true love is our pairs of pyjamas.

I’m not kidding. The world seems like a better place when we put on a quirky pair of comfy pjs. But this very combination is a rare thing to find. After all, striking the perfect balance between quirky and comfy is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, luckily for us, we know a celebrity stylist who launched her exclusive line of quirky nightwear for women, just yesterday. Say hi to the half-Mumbaikar-half-Jaipurite Surbhi Gupta Maheshwari and her brand new label – .

To be honest, I couldn’t just do with saying ‘hi’! I wanted to SEE the Pyjama Party! Hence, I rushed to the Little Market exhibition, yesterday, where the collection was showcased.

Blame it on my love for PJs, or blame it on Surbhi’s eccentric blend of comfy and sassy, either way, you wouldn’t be wrong!

Now, as some of you may recollect, Surbhi is the founder/director of the men’s couture label – Styloholiq. So, what is it that got her to venture into this segment, is the first thing that I asked her.

Okay, you caught me. That was the second thing that I asked; the first being my mindless inquiries about these adorable bikinis for tiny humans. Just look at them, will you!?

“In Jaipur, there are a lot of fun options available when it comes to kids’ nightwear, even men’s nightwear. But, for women, all you get are the standard pyjamas at a few select stores in the city. This, and the fancy that girls these days have for quirky off-beat clothing got me interested. That’s precisely how and when my partner Radhika Mundra and I got together to design this line,” Surbhi told me while I was gawking at what hung behind her.

Yeah, I know I kinda made that sound spooky, but what actually hung behind her were two sparkling robes. Literally sparkling.

“We’ve specially designed these fancy ones for the brides; to be added to their trousseaus, that is. These can be customized as per the request of the client. You could get some text/hashtag embossed on the back, you know,” Surbhi said.

“Hmmm” is all that I muttered. Because to be honest, I was distracted. Yet again.

I saw something that reminded me of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.

There were SUITJAMAS!!!

But wait. What’s awesome-r than suitjamas?

Satin SUITJAMAS with shorts!

I loved the soft fabric, but it slid off of my hand. Anyhoo. The best part was that they were available in a lot many bright colors. Hmmm.

Lemme tell you which was my personal favorite out of everything that I saw. Actually, let me show you.

This blue printed pyjama along with that white vacay t-shirt is what I’d wear all day without giving a tiny rat’s buttcrack!

Best part? All of these prints are available in the shorts version as well.

Even better? There’s no compulsion of buying the whole set. You can individually pick whatever you like!

Some of you might worry over these t-shirts being transy. But guess what, these guys have a quirky solution for that too. How about these thinly padded neon boosters to go under the t-shirt? Awesome, right?

Did you like what you just saw? You can find it and order it via .

Want to see some more of the collection? Request accepted!

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