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Himanshu Roy

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With Her Long Tresses, This 21 Y.O. Is Proving Hairy Is The New Sexy

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  •  July 19, 2016


Hairy is the new sexy. Much like Orange is the new Black, 21-year-old spoken word artist Sukhjit Khalsa is hell bent on proving this phrase and currently creating ripples in Australia for her poetry as well as long mermaid-like hair.

Sukhjit, who became famous after her stint with Australia’s Got Talent, feels that the belief of body hair being unattractive has to be changed. Sukhjit feels that while the external look is just a percentage of what makes a person a Sikh, for her it is a symbol for accepting and loving the way she was created.

Sukhjit wrote her first poem when she was 6-year-old and since then she has constantly been engaged with performances, be it in her high school to the grand stage of Australia’s Got Talent.

Sukhjit feels that there’s nothing wrong with being hairy and doesn’t shave or wax her legs or underarms.

She says that the look that she gets from passersby for not covering her body hair under clothing is something that inspires her as a poet, and it is also a great conversation starter.

She even performed a poem called My Hair in the semifinals of the Australia’s Got Talent.

Sukhjit says that her brother once told her to make her personality so exuberant that no one pays any attention to her exterior.

And surely it is fair enough to say that she has lived up to his expectations. Sukhjit is now one of the flag bearers of the movement in which people are not ashamed of their persona but completely okay with being whatever they are.

Stay the way you’re Sukhjit and don’t ever change for the sake of any other person!

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