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Vastu Acharya, Jaya Modi Shares The Thumb Rules Of Vastu For A Happy Home

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  •  November 8, 2016

A Vastu Acharya and an Entrepreneur, Jaya Modi shared the basics of Vastu with JWB to help us make our living space a peaceful and positive one.

Many homes, though beautifully designed and perfectly managed, make us feel unwell, gloomy and uncomfortable. While some which are simple, aesthetically subtle and “ordinary” to look at, make us feel uplifted and joyful.

The primary reason behind this subconscious feeling depends on the adherence to or violation of certain Laws of Nature which we know as the ‘VastuShastra.’

Let us first understand how Vastu works in our day to day life. There is a continuous flow of different kinds of energies in the Universe. These energies also flow through our living space and that living space is a miniature version of the Universe itself. And, we all are governed by the flow of energy within and around us. Our endeavor is either to balance the energy or generate positive energy sufficient enough to minimize the impact of negative energy.

All aspects of our life, like health, business, relationships with self and others, social reputation, fun, and vigor are governed by these energies. This living space could be our home, office, shop, factory, institution, boutique and so on. When we perform an activity in a particular Vastu zone & if that zone is conducive to that particular activity, we attain amazingly positive results.

However, on the other hand, when we perform the same activity in a wrong Vastu Zone, results will turn out to be futile, sometimes even adverse. Moreover, due to that wrong activity which is not conducive to that particular zone, the strength of that  area also gets weakened.

Vastu is both science and art that can help us achieve a balance between the activities we perform & the energies that flow through our space, which in turn assists us in achieving our goals effectively.

“What Ayurveda is for body,
Yoga is for mind,
Vastu is a building.”

The house in which we are living right now, governs the situations we face, the way we respond to them, kind of people we meet and the kind of person we are right now. Our  thoughts,emotions, creativity, confidence, skills, desires, relationships are nothing but a physical reality of the space we inhabit.

It’s amazing to know that each and every object in our space like television, washing machine, mirror, paintings, colors and every space that we inhabit like, kitchen, dining room, toilet, store room, bedroom, and pooja room, EVERYTHING has an impact on our subconscious mind. Positive or Negative depends on whether that particular activity is supporting that zone or not .

The entire Universe evolves in the form of 5 elements called THE PANCTATTVA. These five elements are Jal, Vayu, Agni, Prithvi, and Akash. One element dominates each direction in our Space (North, East, South, West). It is these elements which create and control the lives of buildings inhabitants to a large extent.

Balancing these five vital energies in a Space is called VASTU!

Now let me share with you a few handy tips (Considering the fact that we all would have decluttered our houses very well this Diwali)

1) North East zone which is also called (Ishaan corner ) of any space is the zone of Mediation & Wisdom. It is the zone of foresight and new ideas, intuition, and vision. Therefore, a temple or a prayer room is recommended here.

It is important that we keep this part of the space absolutely clean and clutter free, well lit and well ventilated. Avoid placing heavy objects particularly in this zone. It’s also recommended to have water bodies (Borewell, underground water tank, fountain, etc.) in this zone since it represents water element & it shouldn’t be of red color and fire related things.

2) Kitchen/Pantry should be made In the South East zone of the space which is called Agni & represents the Fire element. We should avoid having water bodies here, blue and black color (since it represents the water element) specifically in this part since the strength of fire element gets weakened due to the presence of water in this zone.

3) The spine of the building which is the space from North East zone to South West zone passing through the Centre (Brahamsthan) should not be having heavy objects as it is the most sensitive part of the house.

4) South West zone brings in stability and good relations as it represents Earth element which is the most stable of all the elements. We can have heavy objects here, and it’s a great place to have a master bedroom.

Also, South West zone governs our ancestors (Pitra). We should place our Ancestors pictures in this zone to gain their blessings.

5) North West is the ideal zone for having a store room, so all the storage that we all wish to have can be placed in this zone

6) We all love to decorate our houses with beautiful paintings, but the placement of the right pictures at the right places is very important Picture frames that depict tragedy, war, anger, negative emotions generate negative energy and should be avoided in our house.

7) It is advisable not to have too many Idols or pictures of God everywhere in the house since Devtas represents different Powers and so we have to be careful not to place them in a wrong zone

8) Basement(if constructed) is also a part of the house & so it shouldn’t be ignored. It should be well lit, ventilated & shouldn’t be used as a store Room & regular cleaning must be done.

I believe by following these few basic Vastu rules, your space will have a cleaner aura that shall make your life happier and peaceful.

P.S.- If you want to consult Jaya Modi, you can connect to her on +91-9828222200.

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