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Komal Panwar


VIDEO: See What Happened When This Woman Started Eating Everyone’s Food

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  •  July 8, 2016


I love food. Heck, who doesn’t? I’ve seemed to develop a different level of love for food, altogether. Wanna know why?

It was all after I started watching Friends, Joey’s obsession with food just kept me going like there was no tomorrow.

I wrote a small poem, also. (I suck at poetry)

Hi Food, Let me eat you. My stomach loves you. Say bye to my face and hello to my tummy.

This woman took loving the food way too seriously, though. But, yeah, she had the guts! She created a prank video, where she randomly walked up to strangers eating their food and started hogging on to it, and then asked them questions like: “you want some?”

That’s gotta be some kind of courage, though, right?

Watch the video below:

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