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Komal Panwar


VIDEO: Victim-blaming Applies To Murders, Too!

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  •  July 15, 2016


Victim-blaming is just getting hopeless as the days go by. Every time a woman gets raped, the society doesn’t shy away from blaming the one who suffered it. And, in another attempt to change their perspectives, Blue Seat Studios created this video replacing rape with murder.

If a person was murdered, would we still think it was the victim’s fault? While some of us might shamelessly agree to it, most would deny. Then, why don’t we understand that it’s the same when it comes to rape.

It is committed against the will of the victim. And, it has nothing to do with the clothes, he/she is wearing. I mean, come on, if I’m wearing a shiny piece of clothing, do you really think it would be like a red cloth to a bull? If you do, you sir, deserve a tight slap.

In the video, two stick figures discuss the death of “James,” who was killed in a party.

Upon being asked, one of the stick figures responded about why she thought James was killed, “You know how he wears all those V-neck t-shirts…  I’m just saying, if you don’t want to get stabbed in the neck, consider wearing a turtle neck sweater. “

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