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We Took To The Streets With This Travel Blogger To Rediscover The Forgotten Lanes Of Jaipur

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  •  September 8, 2016


I am pretty confident the love for Jaipur street shopping and photography is here to stay.

So when travel blogger Parnashree visited Jaipur to conduct the travel blogging workshop, Bloggy Boogie, in association with JWB, she insisted on doing a small round of the city.

Even though this is her zillionth time in Rajasthan.

Sanchit and I took her for a stroll exactly when the sun was sharp. TBH, not everyone has the potential to bear the Rajasthan heat. Just one quick pass in front of Saraogi Mansion, we quickly moved to the Johari Bazaar to explore the jam-packed yet beautiful streets.

And there we spotted an old haveli. After all, हर घर कुछ कहता हैI

Because the family occupied the ground floor, we made ourselves examine the rooftop. You know, THE roof (courtesy: HIMYM)

This roof had everything from a broken vintage furniture to a cramped brick wall. Trust me; this house had a lot to offer to the fashion photographers.

Parnashree said, “I have been to all sorts of forts in Rajasthan, but walking inside an old home from that era is altogether a different experience.”

Parnashree indulged in a conversation with the eldest man of the family. According to him, the house was as old as Jaipur city itself!

BTW, this is how you get a side profile. Because, jharokhas.

Team JWB is happy that Parnashree could make it to our workshop and interact with the curious kids of St. Xaviers College. Her day was a success and so, it called for a selfie!

Lastly, this is how we bid Parnashree goodbye. Kidding!

Do you like strolling gazillions of streets of the Pink city, too? Write to me what’s your favorite location, and let’s go there together someday?



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