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Lavanya Bahuguna


When Life Gives You Hips, Do Belly! This Weekend, Team JWB Took The Charge.

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  •  September 23, 2016


I’ve been learning belly dance at Charvi Bharadwaj’s Studio Dance & Soul for a few months now and when I broke this news to my girls, they went bonkers.This took us to our next weekend activity where Charvi held the baton to teach Team JWB some sexy belly moves!

Charvi’s classes are different. This soft-spoken girl in her mid-twenties has been dancing since the age of three. OMG, her envious figure!

The ‘Dance India Dance’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ fame Charvi is a professional dancer, choreographer, and performer. Remember, we told you her story last year on the occasion of World Dance Day? Trained in more than 15 dance forms and meditation, she is blessed with immense patience to deal with students like me. Trust me; you don’t want to know about it.

This weekend, the six of us headed to Dance & Soul institute. After introducing ourselves to one another and warming up, Charvi made us stand scattered on the floor. “Pull your tees up and show me your belly, y’all,” announced Charvi.

To make sure our waist and hips are moving in accord with the music, our teacher for the day asked us to ‘bare it all’. We didn’t mind either, ha-ha!

Meanwhile, Jayati murmured to Anvita, “Habeeba…Habeebi….” tunefully.

To our utter surprise, Charvi decided to make the class more awesome by playing Sia’s Cheap Thrills. She announced, “Let’s do an experiment, shall we?”

Excited, we affirmed in unison, fully aware of what was coming next. And there we began lifting our hips, shuddering the shoulders, and shaking the legs.

You should have seen us doing “Gotta do my hair, put my makeup on”. After all, flipping the hair is always fun. Komal being so rad, she even agreed to sing ‘Cheap Thrills’ in her melodious voice while following the dance steps!

Of course, none of us got perfect in that one hour but we had the time of our lives!

Some, even more.

The ‘backbenchers’ Kritika, Jayati and Anvita were caught performing Bhangra every time the chorus ‘cheap thrills’ played. “Come in front, you three,” ordered Charvi. LAWL.

Oh, did I mention Blogger Mansi; our new team member was among us, too? This was her first JWB weekend. Is it possible that she thinks we’re a crazy lot?

Mansi in pink!

TBH, doing shimmy was best. Our chubby bellies weren’t embarrassing for few minutes. Don’t you think, we’ve got the moves, baby?

If you want to join Charvi’s classes, all you have to do is call or WhatsApp on +91-8764145953. Studio Dance and Soul is located in C-scheme (O-17, Malviya Marg). Currently, she is taking classes of Belly, Salsa, Kathak, Freestyle, Zumba and Yoga!

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