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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Bashes Gender-Charged Reporting

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  •  July 26, 2016


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is an iron woman. So when some sexist people picked on her, she gave them the perfect reply.

Marissa has always been fighting against gender inequality and glass-ceiling. But this reply has to be her best.

Earlier this week after it was announced that Verizon was paying $4.83 billion for Yahoo and that Mayer’s future as leader was a question mark, she told Financial Times, “I’ve tried to be gender blind and believe tech is a gender neutral zone but do think there has been gender-charged reporting. We all see the things that only plague women leaders, like articles that focus on their appearance, like Hillary Clinton sporting a new pantsuit. I think all women are aware of that, but I had hoped in 2015 and 2016 that I would see fewer articles like that. It’s a shame.”

Back in 2015 she told Steven Levy“I never play the gender card. …The moment you play into that, it’s an issue. In technology we live at a rare, fast-moving pace. There are probably industries where gender is more of an issue, but our industry is not one where I think that’s relevant.”

All hail the women in tech and change our outlook towards them. Shall we?


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